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"Love is not everything in the world, Its just a feeling that everyone falls <3"

I love to love someone even if they don't love me back, "sucker for love" maybe that's what I am, cause I always end up picking the wrong girl. Very fastidious when it comes to girl, I choose the best one.
* Very Cool
* Strange one..

in short she's one of a kind, much preferably cool,tall,beautiful with long blonde curls if you know what I mean. most probably right now, you'll realize I've created this blog for love, YES! so if you've follow me, you'll cry, laugh and sometimes relate to my love life, kinda online diary for me,.


Life and Love

What is life without love?

Imagine yourself alone in a crowd,

what a lonely and unbearable scene,

you wouldn’t even have a happy endin’

But hey! didn’t I say it also got a good phase?

Being out of love makes you far from disgrace,

you wont get hurt by someone, you wont care about mistakes,

Its like forgetting the feeling of anger and hate..

But I’d rather be hurt and act fool to feel love,

I rather face hell than stay on the safe above,

I know I might not survive, but least I give it a try,

and maybe, what I’ve done there is worth a life..

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is this the way it ends..

Tonight is the third day since I’ve asked you
to be the girl of my life if you wanted to..
I gave you three days to think it through..
But today, I’ve got not a single answer from you..

Maybe its for the best if we separate our way,
Maybe I’ll be happy if I go on and shouldn’t stay.
Maybe you will miss me, find me and ask to stay.
but I wont be coming back because TODAY IS THE LAST DAY.

Today is the last day, I’ll be your slave,
but like a funeral wake I wont celebrate.
I’ll miss your kiss and so your face,
but you leave me no choice,in this case.

the truth about life..

Love dont run this world, money does! And all the LIARS out there so you should never trust, learn that life aint fair, there’s no happy endings like in fairy tale. This world is just the beginning for the devils here are training, and all the madness we’re bearing, is our strength that is bursting. What you give is what you get, your failure they wont forget, your success will be whispered,and soon you wont be remembered. Your life is just a trash, just like anybody else. Open your eyes and see the truth, you’ll die if you wont shoot. Grab the opportunity when its there, aim for the top, even if it means to hurt each other, think like you give all life, cheat and don’t be fair!


Twisted, my mind is going crazy,

is she telling the truth? or lying to me?

because the other side of me, dont buy her alibi

now im confused is everything a lie?

she loves me, these words made me fly,

made my heart burning, it gives me a new life,

but since the day you lied to me, i never stop thinking

are these words said only to make me happy.

Why cant you love me back? (a poem from confusion)

this is a story of a man,
a man that is me..
met a girl he really loves,
wishing they we’re meant to be..
a dream of him with her,
sharing love and laughter..
full of happy thoughts,
if only they were real!

he gave everything she wants,
even his full attention,
he changed his own lifestyle,
just to be with her direction.

Too much sacrifices, yet he doesn’t complain
all he ever wanted, Is to be loved again..

I’ve done everything to show you how much I love you,
yet you cant love me back?

Why don’t you love me back?

browsing my old poems and found this.. what an exaggerated poem this is!

was it my face, that you don’t like
was it my nose or my teary eyes,
was it my dead alike purple lips
or was it my height five six..

Am I not what you think your prince should be?
Am I not what you want your prince look to be..
I know that I’m not that typical kind of guy,
but girl I promise you, with me you’ll never cry!

I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to,
I followed everything you wanted me to do.
I died a hundred times because of you,
but still loving me back, is that hard for you!

I don’t regret loving you,
because now its my hobby to be with you,
I’ll leave this world if you want me to,
as long as you’re with me, there’s nothing I can do!